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A car advertisement design

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We specialize in creating unique and cool T -shirt designs so you can stand out from the crowd. In order to order the design we have the following information:

• Describe what result you want to get. For example, it can be a bright and noticeable design that will attract the attention of others, or a quiet and stylish design for everyday wear.

• Specify wishes for colors, objects and other design elements so we can create a design that corresponds to your preference.

• Give examples of designs you like and what you should inspire when designing.

• If you have examples of designs you don’t like, please indicate them to avoid creating similar designs.

• If you have any requirements for technical information for the pre-printed preparation, please indicate them.

• Any other information you think is important for performing a qura.

If you can’t answer any points not scary, we will be able to work with what is and help you create the perfect design for your T -shirt.

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