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Corporate brandbook

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As part of this order, you will receive a layout of one page of commercial offer. You can include table data, lists, graphs and pictures on the page. If you want to create an infographic, you need to discuss this option individually.
To place an order, you must detail the technical task that should include the following items:
1. Graphic concept of KP design with examples of what you like. If you do not have a clear opinion, we can develop a concept, but you need to order an additional option.
2. Texts and tabular data, details, contacts, links to information resources.
3. Logo on a transparent background or vector. If the logo of poor quality and it is necessary to draw or cut it, you must order an appropriate additional option.
4. Pictures and other materials you would like to place on the KP page. Pictures of goods should be high quality on a transparent background. If you need photo processing, select the appropriate additional option.
The results of the work will be provided in PNG format and in one PDF file. If you need source codes in a vector format, you can order them separately. The alerts will be provided in SVG format. If you need a different format, you need to select the appropriate option.
For the ordering of the order, you must determine the technical task in detail as possible, including text, tabular data, images (photos, pictures, infographics), corporate identity and other materials (logo, site reference, social network, etc.). You should also describe the desired style of design of the CP and, if possible, attach examples of the KP you like.
Type of service: layout of 1 page of commercial offer.

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