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Creating a site on WordPress

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Landing is one of the most effective ways to present your business on the Internet. Creating a quality and adaptive landscape is the first step to success. You can conveniently present your goods or services for clients, provide a clear navigation, adapt it for all devices and quickly go to the messenger or call one click, it is also important to keep the correct sequence of information and build sales under classical schemes.

Landing can be used to present a new product, promote services or to test the target audience before a global project.
The offer includes up to 10 blocks/screens

To order, you need to provide text information on blocks (preferably), pictures (you can choose yourself or order from the contractor), as well as desires for design or site for a better understanding of the task. In addition, the cost includes the transfer of the landscape to hosting, domain connection and installation and setup SSL certificate (provided the technical capabilities of hosting).

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