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Decorating the product card for marketplaces

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Service Description

We offer a service for creating a unique site design in Figma, which will be quickly finalized according to your wishes.

We need:

Identify the product or service that the site is needed.
Identify the main task that the site has to solve.
Get your wishes for colors, style and fonts, as well as find out what sites in your niche you like or dislike.
We are ready to answer any of your questions and fulfill your order according to your requirements. To do this, describe your task, attach the necessary files and access.

The service includes:

Creating a prototype
Edition of the source code
Creating a favicon
Animation of elements
Registration of one page
Page division into 4 blocks
The order time is 3 days.

Type of service: site as a whole.
The service of creating a new design.
Uniqueness: unique.
Tool: Figma.

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