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Design – a wall -mounted quarterly calendar

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Let’s create a guide design or a sheet check.
From the text file, we make a beautiful and comfortable guide or check letter.
Optionally, we use your photo materials (photo processing is included in the cost), or I will pick up on the Internet, which suits the topic.
Let’s make clickable links to external sites and inner pages of Gaida (optional, is included in the cost of work).
Pre -specify the volume of your guide. Because the text is prepared in text programs and the text in the PDF is easy to read from the phone (+photos, headings, tables and decor elements) are very serious in volume.
The offer includes 10 to 20 sheets (with a cover)

Required to order:
You will need material in text format (check it for errors, I do not make a proofreading and editory) and photo (optional).

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