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Flexography sticker

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We are ready to create an individual design of the label according to your vehicle. We will provide several design options according to the selected package and refine the favorite option, taking into account the number of edits listed in each package. We will also provide a native of printing and possibly visualization.

We need the following to order:

Write the entire text that should be on the label.
Specify the size of the label and the additional nuances you need for design.
Attach the logo if you need to turn it on.
Attach the pictures if you want to use them.
Describe the style and your preferences about design so we can make a layout that will meet your requirements.
Describe the product or service you sell or what your company is doing in a short form. This will help us understand the style of which is suitable for label design.
We provide 3 packages: economy, standard and premium, which differ in the number of design and editing options. Choose the right package and we will gladly help you create an individual label design for your product.

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