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Landing for Business on WordPress+EleMentor

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WordPress site.

Screen is a semantic block on a site page that usually occupies one screen. For example, advantages.
The minimum service at the basic value includes:
1. installation of WordPress, template adjustment, color selection at the request of the customer;
2. Placement of the text you provided (up to 3 thousand characters, up to 3 screens) on the main page, 3 pictures and feedback module on the main-scheme of your plan;
3. Optional – selection and registration of hosting (free month).
SEO-optimization is a web-master registration, a site map and tags.
To install a site on your domain requires access to hosting (access to FTP and database, or access to the hosting panel). Hosting must meet the following requirements:
PHP version – not lower than 7.4
The MySQL version is 5 and above
RAM limit – from 64MB

Required to order:
The technical task (vehicle) is written arbitrarily without the rules and filling in a brief.
To order required:
1. All content for the website. I can pick the pictures myself in agreement with the customer.
2. Model scheme of the site. You can also by hand. That is, you need to understand how many pages or screens are in the site. What you are going to fill it. And give me this filling.
You need to add a few links to the sites that you like. This is not necessarily your topic. The main thing is style and general look.

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