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Logo design

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Service Description

Brandbook is a document that defines your company’s visual style standards. It describes the basic elements and strategies of brand promotion and development. The process of creating a brandbook includes several pages that provide rules and a detailed guide to use the logo and other corporate identity elements.
Working with Brenbuk includes: 1. 3 LOGO Options + Origains 2. Favicon 3. Business 4. Envelope 220 × 110 mm 5. Blank 6. Security Field 7. CB and Monochrome Version 8. Combination with Follow 9. Pattern 10. Colors Pletin 11. Inadmissible Use 12. 13 . Visualization on paper 14. Visualization on clothing 15. Visualization on souvenir 16. Visualization of the pattern
Number of pages
Minimum 28 (A4 album) pages with the listed services. But at your request, the number of pages can be changed. Additional products and services may be included.
What is required for order:
Brandbook development begins with the development of the logo.
The main questions are asked by the design of the logo. All subsequent information is requested during work. 1. Name 2. Colors. 3. Slogan, motto or tegline if there are 4. If there are clear sizes, give them in advance 5. Links to the site if there are 6. Examples of logos that like 7. Examples of logos that are not liked by 8. Any additional information
Service includes: Working in several colors Visualization Favicon High Resolution
Number of logos: 3
Business card
Envelope 220*110
Execution: 9 days
View: New logo
Style: flat
Creating a logo: from scratch

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