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Modes with variable data

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We offer a service of creating barcodes or QR codes in a vector format. We can create a bar code in EAN-13 format or any other format if you indicate it in a message. If you need a limiter at the end of the barcode, also indicate this when ordering. For the QR code we can use any digital values ​​you give. All codes will be created on a transparent background, and you can choose the right color model – CMYK or RGB.

As part of one quill, we can create 8 codes in a working format. The order of order is specified with the stock.

To order you need to provide the following information:

Digital values ​​(or text values ​​for QR code)
Format and coding. By default, we create EAN-13, but you can specify a different format if required.
Sizes in mm or pixels.
Color and color model.

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