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PDF design design

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We offer creating a poster, poster or postcard on your wishes. We will provide one layout. You will get a layout in TIF, CMYK, 300dpi format, which can be printed in a printing house.
Why do you need output files:
Output files are required so that you can print the layout in the highest quality, especially for text blocks.

The proposal includes: create a poster, poster or postcard according to your wishes. As a result you get a layout in different formats

What do you have to provide:
If you have a logo, photos, corporate identity elements that should be sketched, send them. Specify the desired color scheme, send a brief to make a layout, examples that you like or dislike, as well as examples of fonts that you liked, if any. Describe the desired result in detail so that we can fulfill your wishes as accurately as possible and save time for both you and us.

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