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Volumetric signboards

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Service Description

Services include the creation of sites and landscapes on site designers that can be set up for different tasks. We can use ready -made templates on designers or create sites from scratch. However, the site is created only as part of the designer.

We work with different designers, including Tilda, Bazium, LPGENERATOR, LPMOTOR, PLATFORMALP and others, of your choice. We can also set up the mobile version of the site as part of the designer.

The offer includes creating up to 5 screens

To order, we need to select a constructor, data from the designer account, login and password or email so we can create an account for you. We will also need to know the volume of landscape – the number of blocks and the structure of the site in the form of TK. You can prepare information such as drawings, texts, a unique trade offer, prices and more.

We can create landscapes on different designers, including Tilda, LP Motor and Platformalp. We use Tilda development language and interface on JavaScript, but without framework. We also use CSS, but without framework, and the database is not provided.

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